Cedar Ridge Research began as a vision of Larry Fullerton, a renowned inventor with over three decades of experience creating and developing new pioneering technologies.  Larry has received hundreds of patents worldwide for inventions in multidisciplinary technology areas, and has formed numerous companies based on those inventions.
With a passion for inventing, Larry developed an extensive personal laboratory and envisioned how it could become the foundation for a technology company that could foster innovation. In early 2003, Larry began discussing his vision with Mark Roberts, a close friend and fellow employee at Time Domain Corporation, which is one of the many companies Larry founded. At the time, Larry was Chief Scientist and Mark was Director of Intellectual Property, and the two worked closely to refine the process of taking inventions and innovation through the entire R&D and IP protection lifecycle.

CRR's first innovation and incubation model

CRR's first innovation and incubation model


In 2006, Larry and Mark founded CRR, which had its headquarters in New Hope, Alabama. Since then, the inventions and innovation have continued, and CRR has put into practice the years of experience gained in taking technology vision to market reality.

For nearly a decade since the company was founded, CRR has strategically invested in its facilities and technical resources.  CRR has built a substantial patent portfolio for several pioneering technology innovations and has successfully used its incubation methodology to mature the readiness levels of the technologies to increase their value and marketability.  CRR has assisted numerous clients in patenting their ideas and moving the technology readiness levels of their ideas.  CRR  has successfully created companies based on CRR innovations and CRR continues to focus on providing clients with unprecedented technology innovation and incubation services and exceptional value.  

In 2016, Larry passed away after a year long battle with brain cancer.  In 2017, CRR relocated its headquarters to Huntsville, Alabama.

For more information about CRR and its founders, reference the Who We Are page.